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When Life Gets You Down And You Just Don't Feel Like Yourself Anymore... Call Me.

When Life Gets You Down And You Just Don't Feel Like Yourself Anymore... Call Me.

When Life Gets You Down And You Just Don't Feel Like Yourself Anymore... Call Me.


Life is hard sometimes. Other times it can be suprisingly wonderful. It's like that for everyone. And from time to time, we all need a little help to sort it out.

Over 15 years of helping people sort through some of the most difficult times of their lives, I have learned that the answers are often already there within us. It just becomes hard to see how it all fits together. Like trying to put a puzzle together without having the picture on the box to look at. 

My client-centered approach to therapy helps people by guiding them to a place where they can see things a little more clearly, to a deeper understanding of their own thoughts and feelings.

I love watching them come through to the other side of their problems where they can once again experience the joy of life. It's like how the sun feels on your face on the first day of spring.

If you are struggling right now, call me. I can help.

Tricia once said to me, "People recreate their own drama." When I first started seeing Tricia, I was recently divorced, depressed, and drinking heavily. I could not see how anyone could help me dig out of my own sadness. Our work together provided me with the tools to steer my life in a better direction. Now, I consciously make better decisions for myself that avoid situations that can precipitate depression. I realize that the problem was not the depression per se, but rather poor decisions that I made which “recreated my own drama”. I am thankful for this new perspective and attribute my progress to Tricia’s skill as a therapist. 

Marissa M.

Divorce Coaching

Marriage is more than a “piece of paper”, and divorce more than a legal process. It’s an emotional, social, and financial journey. 

Sometimes it feels like you dont even know where you are going. You just know you need to go.

I can help you and your spouse figure out the rest and help you minimize the conflict that is so often a characteristic of divorce. Contact me to learn more about alternatives to traditional divorce.

divorce mediation

Under the emotional strain of divorce, even parents with the best of intentions can struggle to come together and reach agreements in the best interest of the children.

I can help with dispute resolution regarding conflicts related to parenting plans, guidance in co-parenting, and other child-related issues.