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Individual, Couples, and Family Counseling
Depression - Seasonal Affective, postpartum, grief/bereavement, major depression
Anxiety - social, phobias, PTSD, generalized
Relationship issues - divorce, infertility, infidelity, communication

​Divorce Coach

A part of the collaborative team, a divorce coach can help in the following ways.

  • Meet with the couple before the process begins to discuss their readiness for divorce, why now, identify issues and stress points which may prolong the legal process.
  • Assist the couple emotionally throughout the process.
  • Help the couple find interest based ways of finding common ground and an agreement that works for both of them.
  • Oversee the process as a case manager, communicate steps and assist with scheduling.

Free 30 minute consultations are available to those interested in learning more about collaborative divorce. Click here to learn more about the collaborative divorce process or contact me to schedule a consultation.

Don P.

During a collaborative divorce, we employed Tricia Elliott as a divorce coach for our proceedings as well as individually meeting with her outside of the full team meetings to address parenting and emotional concerns. She proved to be a solid source of information and understanding during the divorce meetings. When we were stuck at some places where the lawyers could not help, Tricia was able to provide an understanding and suggestions to my ex and myself to move the meetings along. She was also very compassionate and understanding during our individual meetings. With Tricia's help, we were able to come to a peaceful resolution of the divorce. I would highly recommend her.

Divorce Mediation

Assist with development of parenting plans for both parents as well as extended family.